The Twelve Grip Plate provides a completely new and unique sensation between your hand and the platter. Crafted from high-quality acrylic glass and featuring precision-milled patterns for an enhanced grip surface, it effectively prevents any unwanted slipping.

Another standout feature is the customizable film on the back. You can design shapes and colors to your liking, making the Twelve Grip Plates undeniably “yours.”

The Twelve Grip Plates are specifically designed and tailored for use with the Rane Twelve.

Thanks to the custom-printed foil on the back of the Grip Plate, we can reproduce any colors and shapes on the surface. This means that incorporating logos or a truly unique design to your liking is no issue at all. As a result, everyone can have their own, truly unique Grip Plates.

Product Information:

  • No timecode signal on the platter
  • Compatible with Rane Twelve
  • Customizable in design, 1 pair = 2 pieces
  • Price: 95 EUR
  • Delivery time: 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the design

For design inquiries, please email us at or use the “Request” button.